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 When popular antique dealer, Clive Attrell, decides to bring in some new blood, he had no idea that the five enthusiastic young ladies vying for the coveted apprenticeship would give him such a hard time.

Undergoing all manner of lessons, tests, competitions, and challenges, they need to learn about buying and selling in the cut-throat world of auctions and antique fairs. And they need to do that faster and better than their fellow apprentices.

The girls use every trick in the book – both fair and foul – to try and ensure they are the one chosen as Clive’s new Antiques Apprentice.


Each summer, the fields of Kent shudder under tank tracks & armoured vehicles, while guns and artillery shoot it out in dramatic battles. The War and Peace Show is the largest military vehicle spectacular on the planet.

Four thousand military vehicles, 18,000 re-enactors and exhibitors, combine with 40’s style dance bands and fashion shows to entertain the 100,000 visitors.

Go into the battles, backstage with the celebrities, and on board giant military vehicles. See how huge ‘Living History’ displays are constructed, as the  organising team battle to deal with emergencies, & keep the show running.


Away from his television work, American health and fitness expert, Jessie Pavelka, sets his sights on helping the communication team at a multi-national corporation.

Each has a particular facet of their health and well-being that needs addressing, be that weight, diet, exercise or simply work-life balance.

With a combination of advice and mentoring, alongside adrenalin filled activities such as canyoneering and sailing, Jessie helps steer them onto a path to both a healthier and happier future.