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 Jade and Crisi live to perform, but a fear of flying means an audition in Italy for Crisi’s dream role is out of the question. That is, until best friend Jade borrows her Uncle’s aging replica Cobra, and offers to drive her. That starts a unique, fun-filled adventure across Europe.

It sees the girls undertaking all manner of weird and wonderful jobs to  fund the trip. But they still manage to find time to experience some adrenalin-fuelled activities along the way.

Will the car, and the girls’ friendship survive? And more importantly, will they make it to the audition in time?


The four provinces of Atlantic Canada are the closest to Europe, yet not on the typical tourist radar. So Ellen Coughlan sets off on a brand new adventure to discover some of the amazing, places, people, culture and activities that this diverse land has to offer.

She delves into the literary world of Anne of Green Gables, braves some tidal bore rafting, and sees heart-breaking artefacts from the Titanic, before a trip out into the ocean in search of icebergs. Her journey ends with some enthralling encounters with wild black bears, and a close call with a very large lobster!


The Caribbean has always been a dream destination, and Antigua has long been a favourite for the British.

Alex Outhwaite lives that dream, as she snorkels in warm turquoise waters, swims with stingrays, and kayaks amid the mangroves. From relaxing floating bars, to the bustling markets of St Johns, Alex discovers the many delights that await the tourists here.

And of course,  there are amazing people, such as the eccentric hot-sauce maker, and equally amazing parties. This really is an Escape to Paradise!


Join Laura Alexandra as she explores Serbia, a country that has connected West with East for centuries – a land in which civilisations, cultures, faiths, climates and landscapes meet.

Serbia is landlocked but as a Danube country it is connected to distant seas and oceans. Serbia’s beautiful mountains, national parks, rivers and lakes are the perfect location for an active outdoor holiday – from hunting and fishing to extreme sports.

You’re sure to be both impressed and surprised.


After a successful first series, we’re back in this amazing country. This time Mel Dizon has a new guest to show around, as she is joined by adventurous presenter, Liu Batchelor.

Expect all kinds of extreme adventures, from cliff jumping to swimming with whale sharks.

And of course, the pair get to grips with stunning cuisine, fascinating people, glorious landscapes, and the colourful underwater world.

Definitely not to be missed. .


Most people have heard of Taiwan, but for many it’s still a land of mystery. So Hayley Sparkes heads to the enchanting island on a mission to find out more.

She uncovers a wealth of unexpected and memorable discoveries, from lavish temples, to spectacular national parks. She ventures deep underground in a gold mine, learns how to make the perfect cup of tea, and visits villages of the indigenous people.

And as highlights go, they don’t come much brighter than the vast Taiwan Lantern Festival!


Ellen’s first American Adventure series saw her exploring the exciting and diverse Lone Star state of Texas. She was taught to shoot, witnessed a western gun-fight, and visited the Space Centre in Houston.

Now she is back, this time starting in the 24-hour city of New York, where she even tries surfing, before heading north to the ‘other’ New York. The state that bears the same name.

It’s packed with amazing landscapes, adrenalin filled activities, and lots of alcohol! Perfect for Ellen’s next adventure!