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Even before we became a C.I.C. (Community Interest Company), Latota Productions has always prided itself on giving those trying to break into the broadcast industry a chance to work on our productions.  Television is notoriously difficult to get into, even for those who have graduated with media degrees from University.

We not only offer real-world training in filming and editing on our productions, but guarantee a valuable broadcast credit at the end of your course with us.

What People Are Saying

A broadcast credit may seem insignificant, after all it really just means having your name included in the list of credits at the end of a programme. Yet in reality it means so much more.

It means you have absolute proof that you have genuine working experience in the industry - crucial when you apply for that next broadcast job. It also means you can be listed on the industry database, IMDB.

We regularly work with colleges and universities, providing that unique experience for their media students. But we also offer courses and experience for those beyond the higher education sphere.

We can provide experience and training on a genuine production filming trip - in some cases even an overseas trip. We can show you how multi-camera shoots work, how to capture good audio as well as pictures, how to make the most of specialist cameras, and all the things you need to consider for getting the best content.

The largest part of any project is the post production, an we will guide you through the editing process, including syncing, shot selection, music, and ultimately to the point of a finished sub-edit.  

To find out more, simply get in touch, and let us know what your aspirations are, and where you are in that process right now. We can then have an informal chat to work out what we can do to help, and what kind of training plan might work for you.

One simple step, and you could be on your way to a career in television.